The 2019 Cayl Reading Challenge

The year is rapidly coming to an end. I already finished my reading challenge of 2018 and am itching to start a new one. I’ve decided that since I already read so many books during a year that I would add a challenge. I have planned my Goodreads challenge of 50 books for next year. That is raising my 2018 challenge by 20 books. But I want my book challenge to be more than just the number of what I’ve read. Therefore I’m making an addition challenge of having to read a specific type of book each month.

I’m blogging about this in hopes that others would want to do the challenge with me! It’ll also be a good way to hold myself accountable. If not, but still wanting to follow along on both my reading challenges go ahead and friend me on Goodreads! My link is

Here’s my reading challenge for 2019!

January: Read a nonfiction novel

February: Read one book that is over ten years old

March: Read a book that’s been on your bookshelf for over a year

April: Read a Classic

May: Read a new release (any book from 2018/2019)

June: Read the last book in a series or finish a series

July: Choice between a contemporary or love story book

August: Read a book you know nothing about or something out of your comfort zone

September: Read a children’s book

October: Read a “spooky” book, be it a thriller, horror, or supernatural

November: Read the favorite book of someone close to you

December: Read the book that you’ve desperately wanted to read

The best part about this challenge is that at the end of 2019 you’ll have read 12 books. That’s only one a month which is three times the average person. Hopefully, it will expand and diversify reading tastes or show something new that wouldn’t have been read otherwise.

I can’t wait for the end of the year to see how much is completed and by whom. If anyone has any suggestion for books that fit the categories let me know! Hope some extra readers join in on the challenge or create their own!

Stay Wandering,



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