DCP Special Events

One of the amazing perks of the Disney College Program are all the events. These special events take place throughout the program for college program participants exclusively. The event team also has career workshops, resume building, and even understanding your credit sessions. They are equal amounts of helpful and fun events throughout the five-six months you are here. I opted for all the fun events because lets face it I hate workshops and having to wear pantsuits. I will say that not a lot of these event I was allowed my phone so you’ll just get a little overview.

Space Mountain Ride Through:

This is basically us riding Space Mountain normally, then we turn the lights on, and then we turn the lights on and the music off. It’s an interesting experience because it’s different and you can see everything! I thought it was enjoyable way to start the program.

Soaring Around the World:

Formally known as Soaring over California, Soaring Around the World is one of my favorite attractions. I love seeing places I’ve been and want to go in a virtual immersion.

Radiator Springs Racers:

Radiator Springs Racers is an attraction at Disney’s California Adventure in Cars Land! I really enjoyed this event, sadly more than the Soaring Tour. Our tour guides went into so much depth with how the attraction is run, hidden details from imagineers, and we were able to walk the whole track and see the maintenance bay. I work in attractions so it was interesting to see and learn the differences between my attraction and Racers.

Mid Program Celebration:

Halfway through our program the event team rented out Pixar Pier so we could have a night off together. The attractions were open, there was churros, hotdogs, and popcorn, and we had a little dance party. We all had to Pixar Bound as our favorite characters so I went as Sadness because I love her. To make it even better there were Pixar Character meet and greets to top it all off!


Walt Disney Studios Tour: 

This had been my favorite so far. The true place where the magic is made is at the Walt Disney Studios and it was amazing seeing it. While I was there it had the feel of a college campus. There was people walking around, having lunch, causal/business conversations, and no vehicles. The first stop on the tour was The Walt Disney Archives which was amazing. There were photo books and props that I could of spent a longer period there. Next was the Legends Plaza. Where the building showcases the Seven Dwarfs is, all the handprints Disney Legends, The Partners Statue, and Roy and Minnie on the bench Statue. We walked to all the animation buildings, theatre, and sound stages. The last stop was Pluto’s Corner which is home to Mickey Avenue & Dopey Drive. After the official tour ended we went to the Studios’ store is was a bad idea and I got new pins and sweatshirt because of my lack of willpower. Overall, if you even have the opportunity I highly recommend the Walt Disney Studios to every cast member.


Castle Headshot:

Castle headshot was a fun activity planned for the participants to have a professional photo taken. We had to be there a 6:30am because the park had to closed and clear so I was truly exhausted. It was worth it though! The park was totally empty, the castle and Main Street had all the Christmas Decor up, and we got to dress up and look nice.

Fairytale Weddings:

First as a disclaimer; I love Disney’s Fairytale Weddings on Freeform. It’s so cute and amazing and I love what they do. For my Fairytale Weddings “tour” we were able to speak with the coordinator of the weddings at the Disneyland Resort. She went into detail about how the wedding is put together, where they can be, and what are some of their daily problems. The part I was most looking forward to was seeing the actual venues where one can have their wedding. We saw three different venues, the rose garden, a small gazebo for quick ceremonies, and the grand ballroom in the Disneyland Hotel. The ballroom was HUGE. It wasn’t my style, but still so beautiful and amazing.

Walt Apartment Tour:

THE TOUR I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR; WALT DISNEY’S APARTMENT! In Disneyland above the firehouse on Main Street there is an apartment. That apartment belonged to Walt Disney and the Disney Family. Walt, his wife, and grandchildren would stay in this studio apartment and entertain family there. The apartment was designed by Lillian Disney with a Victorian design and roses everywhere. Having grown up in a Victorian town the design made me think of some of my locally owned hotels. The favorite story about this apartment is that when Walt stayed there through the night the cast would know because he would leave a lamp on in the window. After his passing the resort continues to leave the lamp on in the window 24/7 to always remember that he’s still there in spirit. I think the sentiment is truly sweet.

End of Program Celebration:

Our last event was the End of Program Celebration. The participants got to get all dressed up and have a nice evening in the Grand Californian Hotel. There was a photo booth, character meet and greets, and even a plated dinner. It was a nice way to have fun with all our friends in a different setting than going to the theme parks. My favorite part had to be when the dessert cart came out because I’m a big fan of Christmas treats. So, while everyone was on the dance floor I was eating cookies. Couldn’t be happier than that.


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