Why Travel is…

a necessity.

If I didn’t prioritize traveling than my life would be at a standstill. Nothing would break the routine of day to day life. The excitement of the unknown wouldn’t give me the sense of being alive. Travel is the key to my overall health and if I didn’t have it I would lose more of myself than I could ever imagine.

Amsterdam, Holland; 2016


Traveling is the best way to humble myself for a couple reasons. First is because traveling like I have has been a privilege that not many get to do. Second is that when I stood on top of a giant crater and stared into the Mediterranean Sea I saw how small I was and how big the world was. There are so many beautiful things in this world be it people, places, plants, cultures, or architecture.


eye opening.

I would never know that happiness isn’t the same universally. That what some people would think of “less” is actually just enough. I’ve always been laid back but I don’t think I ever truly became openminded until I started traveling. I learned that it really is the little things that can make someone’s life; family, community, and friendship. The newest technology isn’t going to make me happy, a huge house isn’t going to make me happy, and neither is the newest car on the market. The only time I think I’ve seen pure happiness is when I went to “underdevelopment” countries. Places I was told not to go because they’re dangerous, or dirty, or “just sad”. Though none of that is true. I felt safer than walking around the streets of Zanzibar than I do the streets of Los Angeles. Traveling has given me a different preceptive about ever aspect of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. 



It is so important to see the world you live in. Whether it’s 100 miles from home or 1000 you’ll see differences. I have learned so much from traveling that otherwise I would be unaware of. I learned about myself, my friends, cultures, and lifestyles. Traveling has allowed me to live outside of the box that seems to be created for everyone. I didn’t have a true passion until I started traveling and now it has opened my mind and I’ve found many.


an escape. 

I am a dreamer. I live in my mind daydreaming about thing I wish could happen, things I want, and places I want to go. Traveling makes my daydreams come true. It an escape from my everyday routine and brings me out of my mind. Traveling is an escape from my anxiety, depression, and self doubt. Without it I would have crashed into rock bottom ages ago.

life changing.

I will never be the same after a new trip. I made so many different friends from different places that I could never forget. My mindset has changed. I make sure that I surround myself with people that are positive and like minded. My tolerance for excuses and ignorance is lower. The idea of settling in any aspect of life is now my biggest fear. Because traveling has taught me that I am capable of doing anything I want to do.


Stay Wandering,


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