Quick Trip: Joshua Tree

When I mean quick trip, I mean we were there for a couple hours. BUT it was truly a long day trip because me and my roommates are terrible at planning apparently. In December, two of my roommates and I went to Joshua Tree National Park with one of our friends. IMG_2609

We left our apartment later than we agreed on and then hit traffic and then got lost…It was a freaking adventure. Good thing we had stopped for lunch and drinks on the way. We didn’t end up at the Park until about three in the afternoon so we got to our hike at around 3:20. It was only about a three mile hike maybe a little less so it wasn’t going to take too long.

The hike we did was called the 49 Palms Canyon Oasis. While we were hiking there I thought it was just a calm desert hike that didn’t have anything at the end of it. Well, I was wrong because at the end of the hike there was a little oasis of palm trees in the canyon. What a surprise, it’s like the name of the hike didn’t imply anything at all. Since we started hiking so late the sun was setting on our way back which made me a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what California’s wildlife is like in the desert and in Washington hiking in the dark is quite risky but, we the sun fully set right before we got back to the car. It was actually a good thing because we got amazing sunset photo and some of the full moon with the sky all purple and red. It was absolutely stunning.

After our hike, we went into little towns surrounding the park that had little souvenirs and stopped for some dinner. It was such a fun time. Only thing I would do different is plan a little better so we could see more but, it was a great evening. I got some good nature in after living in the city for months.

I know this post is short but so was this trip! Thanks for reading!

Stay Wandering,


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